A close call between BMW M3 Financing and my beloved Maserati

A close call between BMW M3 Financing and my beloved Maserati

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There were few supercars on the road that could have tend to be away from my beloveds Maserati? One of these cars though was that BMW M3. What appeal to me about the BMW is the fact that they can be used in every setting, they are subtle and have to pass as a regular businessman’s car whilst maintaining their air of exclusivity, the M3 model in particular is seen as a car drivers car. Anyone who knows their performance specifications or has spent any time around car enthusiasts will know that they usually have only good things to say about these performance cars.

BMW M3 Financing options are fairly widespread, as a manufacturer they are one of the most popular car brands out there at the moment, so in general it is very easy to get BMW Finance for the entire range of models. Most dealerships love you pretty competitive deals on financing, but it is still worth going to some of the independent companies out there.

Weighing up the BMW and the Maserati

So you may be wondering how I make my final decision? After taking the BMW for a number of test rates, as well as looking closely at the finance options I finally made my choice. For me although being an incredible car the BMW M3 lacked the finesse met that Mazza ratty had for me? What led it down in particular for me was the interior, although it posted a letter 11th Field, the dashboard and the car controls left something to be desired in my opinion.

This has long been a common complaint about BMW, it is a wonder that over the years they haven’t had a redesign and something about it. Their cars are almost perfect in every other way, it is just be finishing touches that seem to be letting them down, this is characteristically German car manufacturer’s as they are typically very terror. I will say that after using the BMW financing calculators out there, I was even more tempted but in the end I just wasn’t sweet enough to make the final purchase.